Battle at the Village

Played 29 March 2019

After driving off the first party of orcs at the farm house near the cart, they heard sounds of battle again to the west. The party set off to explore the sounds. They found about a quarter mile away another farm house under attack by a group of orcs. They lured a number of orcs into the woods and killed them and when the others noticed and attacked they killed most of them and drove off the rest. They captured an orc and using their limited orcish they interrogated the orc. They found that a large orc contingent had come out of the mountains to attack the town. When the orc was of no more use Ufgarn killed him. They party then tried to help put out the fire on the farm house. The husband and son had been killed by the orcs, but they rescued the wife and daughters. Eventually they succeeded in putting out the fire and caring for the humans. Not long after they were done putting out the fire they heard a horn call from their north where the orcs had run off. It was followed by horn calls to the west and one to the south. The party and the farm wife and daughters all returned to the first farm. The party returned to the cart and human and dwarf and brought them back to the farm. From there, Lessanor went and tracked the orcs to their main meeting place. He snuck up on the field they were in and saw about 160 orcs and a big chieftain in the middle by the big fire. Near him was an Efftin which is like a two headed giant. When Lessanor attempted to return to the party he was pursued by riders on horseback. They circled him, but could not find him. He heard them speaking elvish and approached them to discover they were centaurs. Lessanor went back and got the rest of the party and he brought them forward. The party and the centaurs began to debate what to do next. Lessanor went back to the farmhouse and told them to go warn the town that orcs were going to attack. By the time he return Terreal and the centaur chief had developed a plan for attacking the orcs if they attacked the town. They then found centaur scouts returning. The orcs were leaving and heading back to the mountains with about 20 human slaves from this raid. The party is left to decide what to do.