Mini-Rage Practice Week of 9 March 2021


We will follow our standard structure. As this is our first time this season we are following our "standard" structure it is very important coaches maximize the time by getting the kids playing as quickly as possible and being prepared to rapidly transition from their current exercise to the next exercise. Have one coach setting up the next exercise as the other coach finishes up the current exercise. 

Practice Focus:

  • Build-up out of the defensive third from a goal kick
  • High press in the opponent's defensive third
  • Spread out
  • Look around and pass

Key Words:

  • Spread out
  • Head up and pass

Play 1 (Small Sided Games):


Small sided games on the teams normal fields. If more than six players come coaches should consider running two small sided games as the purpose of this exercise is to get the players as many touches as possible in a game like situation. 

Small sided game diagram



The purpose of this agility session is to get the players making sharp left, right and backwards turns and cuts. Make the field whatever size you think is appropriate keeping in mind the smaller the field and quicker and more agile the players must be. Pay special attention to the slower and less agile kids that they don't just quit and accept that they will be tagged. 

Make a box that that is approximately 20x20 yards. All but two of the players are the salmons and they start at one end. Two of the players are orcas and they stay at the other end. When the coach says go the salmon try and cross the box to safety on the far side of the line that the orcas are starting on. The orcas try and tag as many players as the can. Each time they tag a salmon the salmon is transformed into an orca for the next iteration. 

Orcas and salmon agility game diagram



Give the players a very short water break. Make them run to their water and back. 


All of the teams except the Bumblebees will do this exercise. The Bumblebees can do Sharks and Minnows (as I call it, but I know you all call it something different) or another dribbling exercise. 

The focus for this exercise is to get the Blue team (focus team) to successfully build up from a goal kick. The Red team will focus on pressing in Blue's defensive third in order to intercept the ball and score a goal. 


• Blue starts with goal kick
• Red behind the build out line
• Blue score on pugs and Red on big goal
• Any stoppage of play start with a goal kick

Training Focus:

• Focus first on Blue
• Get it correct on Left side and then try Right side
• Then focus on Red

Blue Concept (focus team):

• Spread blue out
• Goalie passes left to Blue LB
• Blue right back and right midfield come to blue cones in the middle
• Blue RB is there for defense
• Blue RM is there for a pass
• Blue LB passes it to Blue LM who passes it to Blue Fwd

Red Concept:

• Red CBs stay between the ball and the goal
• Red Fwd and Mids on build out line (midfield)
• Red RM goes on kick to cut off passing lane down the side lines
• Red Fwd goes to get the ball
• Red LM goes in front of the goal to cut off pass
Build out practice session

Play 2:

The focus for this scrimmage is how they effectively build up from a goal kick and how they high press against a goal kick. If they do not do it well, have them do it again.

This time we will also include the Dragons in our scrimmage. It is the team we are picking up when Coach Sergio is unable to make practice due to coaching Timberline. This scrimmage the Tigers will play against themselves as shown. That will change each time. 

Coaches, please pay special attention regarding safety due to size difference between the Dragons and the other Mini-Rage teams. 

This scrimmage will not have any coaches on the field as players. 

9 March

Scrimmage diagram

11 March:

Same as 9 March.