Mini-Rage Practice 25 June 2021


Friday practices are now where we focus on one or two main issues by team that each team faced during this week's games. Practice is at Horizon Pointe from 5:30-6:30.

Coaching Staff


  • Brock
  • Jimmy
  • Savannah


  • Ashley
  • Bryan


  • Alex SC
  • Grace
  • Sophia
  • Trinitee


  • Eli
  • Conner
  • Chevelle


  • Alex J
  • Cael
  • Sebastian

Field Layout

Horizon point layout diagram

Practice Focus:

  • Address one or two issues you identified during the week's games
  • Train how you want to do corner kicks and goal kicks

Key Words:

  • TBD by coach/team


This is a good video to understand what is going on inside a player's body when they are going through heat exhaustion leading to heat stroke. Heat stroke can be deadly. As coaches we are vital in protecting our players from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. This is a great video to really understand what your body is doing and why it is doing as the body deals with heat and heat stress. Watching this video and doing your part by training your players about heat stress and watching over them could save a life. 

Play 1 (Small Sided Games):


Small sided games by teams within teams. We have a limited number of pugs so it will likely just be one set per team. 



Give the players a very short water break. Make them run to their water and back. 



Bumblebees, Dragons and Tigers run your own practice session. 

Pumas and Bears. Sam will take the defenders and the team coaches will run a practice session with their midfielders and forwards. Coaches from the Bears and Pumas will provide Sam with four players who will play defense for the coming week. These should be the only players who will play defense for the coming week. The exception is that if you start to crush the other team you may move your defenders into more attacking positions to even out the game.

Play 2:


Bears vs Pumas (9v9)

Dragons vs Tigers (7v7)

Bumblebees vs Bumblebees/Tigers (7v7). This is new. Based on the Bumblebees current soccer maturity much of the team is ready to start learning how to play 7v7. 

During this scrimmage I want each team to walk through with their coaches how they will do goal kicks and corner kicks both offensively and defensively. Stop the scrimmage when this opportunity presents itself and walk the players through it. 

Coaching Tasks

  • Remind players when and where their games are this coming week
  • Develop today's practice session training focus
  • Focus on heat injury prevention with the players