The Hunt Adventure Log


Visasvellos brings the party in late in the afternoon in this early summer day. He relates to the party that two days ago another party from the Library discovered what appears to have been a succubus living in Khazadhol. She had been the lover of Hakan Rikas. He is a Norsk merchant who is very powerful in the merchant guild. He is considered by many to be leading it. His lover was known as Larli Metsae. She was a beautiful red haired wood elf, or at least that is what she was believed to be until the party discovered otherwise. While conducting a mission in our sewers the party encountered hair and it appears she escaped them by entering the ethereal plane. That evening, two days ago, Visasvellos coordinated with the city counsels and the commander of the leadership and they had Hakan and elements of his "house" brought in for questioning. Through a variety of means over the next day and some very good analysis it became clear that the Succubus had seduced and overcome several key actors within the city. She had turn several into slaves of hers to include the chief engineer of the sewers. We have quietly picked up all of those who we know to have fallen under her command except one. Sadly, the Library was not immune to her seduction. 

We discovered that one of our chief reconnaissance and kill experts had fallen under her sway. We do not know how deeply he was under her spell, but we know they had had a relationship now for over two years. Agnarr Coldblade came to the Library several years ago from the Norsk region. He proved very valuable in conducting reconnaissance and kill or capture missions for the Library in that region. He does have friendly relations with the current leadership of that region which is why he came to Khazadhol. He discovered yesterday that we suspected he might be connected to the succubus so when he found out he left last night. When we went to talk with him last night he was gone. He left much of his stuff there so we did not at first suspect that he left the city, but we have now confirmed that the watch saw him leave out the northern gate just after dusk last night. We believe he has headed to the city of Azraq in the east. We know he has at least one safe house he has created there to enable his operations. The Library needs you to ideally capture him and bring him back. He must not be allowed to escape with the knowledge of the Library that he has. We need to know what he has leaked to her and what she has done with that information. If you cannot bring him back alive kill him. Though he has worked alone anticipate that he has turned Azraq into a safe area for him and that he has created an information gathering network around him there. 


Post Adventure