Middle Kingdom Campaign

David created this campaign to originally run with Sam and Bryan. It is centered around the Middle Kingdom which is a primarily human kingdom in the middle of the continent of Alt. 

Middle Kingdom Map (eastern)

The Middle Kingdom is in the middle of the continent of Alt. The Middle Kingdom stretches from the western shores to the Red, Temgra and Green Mountains on the eastern coast of Alt. The capital of the Middle Kingdom is the city of Pasont on the western shore of the great lake Jypta at the center of Alt. The Middle Kingdom is a monarchy that made of predominantly of humans, but also has a sizeable community of dwarves in the eastern portion of the kingdom. Additionally, Pasont is a large and diverse city of around 100,000 inhabitants. Pasont is a major city of trade as roads and rivers from across the continent often point to Pasont. As such, it has peoples from all over Alt inhabiting the city. 

To the south of the Middle Kingdom is the Lower Kingdom. It is also predominantly a human kingdom, but unlike the monarchy of the Middle Kingdom it is an oligarchy of the powerful families. Whereas the humans of the Middle Kingdom are white with a range of brown and blonde hair, the humans of the Lower Kingdom have black hair and tanned skin. The two kingdoms have had economically successful and peaceful relations for decades.   

To the north of the Middle Kingdom is the wood elf kingdom. It stretches along the Middle Kingdom's northern border nearly from the west coast to the Red Hills. The kingdom of wood elves and the Middle Kingdom have peaceful relations and trade. 

The city of Pasont has a robust group of guilds from the merchants guild to the clandestine thieves guild. One of the more powerful and influential guilds is the adventurers guild. It is this guild that has attracted the players to the city. 

So, to follow the adventures in the Middle Kingdom follow this link to the Middle Kingdom Adventure Log!