Druid allied animal attacks (Bryan solo)

Played 1 December 2018

Nardlug sends Lesanor and Ufgarn to the north east corner of the city-state. The adventurers link up with Torin and try to solve the mystery of wild animals attacking and killing domestic animals in the area. They  hunted down a mountain lion and a black bear and killed them both. They found tracks of wolves meeting both the bear and the mountain lion, but they could not find the wolves. On the way back from tracking the wolves on the second day they encounter 8 goblins sleeping during the day. They attack and kill them all except the goblin boss. He escapes.

They follow the tracks of the goblins back up the hills hoping to find the boss. They find the boss tied up and dead to a tree in a clearing. Next to him sitting on his rucksack a druid sits and calls the adventurers out into the clearing. He is unhappy they killed the mountain lion and the bear, but happy they killed the goblin boss. He also tells them he is tracking a renegade druid who is convincing local wild animals to attack the domestic animals. He has chased this druid off for now. He tells them to send his (Sanriel) greetings to the Master Librarian. They return to Torin’s farm and then back to Khazadhol.