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Here are reviews about literature, movies, TV shows, games and more about soccer. Please add your comments and insight. 

TV Shows

This is Football (Season One)

Brandi Chastain celebrating.

Amazon Prime has created a series about soccer that does the Beautiful game justice. There are six episodes in the first season and every one is worth watching. It strives to encompass the entirety of the Beautiful game. The first episode is about how the Rawandan national team helped bring the country together after its period of genocide. The second one is about the paths taken by the US…


Pele: Birth of a Legend

Pele: birth of a legend movie cover

This is an absolutely fantastic family friendly movie for lovers and future-lovers of soccer. It traces the growth of one of the greatest players of all times. Pele shook the soccer world and played a critical role in bringing soccer to America. This movie does a beautiful job of showing him growing up in Brazil and finding his way to the highest levels of soccer. It has a very cool cameo by…


The Inner Game of Tennis

Book cover of the inner game of tennis

Author: W. Timothy Gallwey

Discussion points:


  • What are some of the big ideas of the book that you took away from reading it?
  • What do you think about his ideas of the different types of players; Good-o, Friends-o, and Health-o-Fun-o?
    • Is there a gender tendency difference in the way players approach this? If yes, what? 

The Coach's Guide to Teaching

Cover of the coach's guide to teaching

This is a brilliant book written by an educator who is also experienced and knowledgeable about soccer. It focuses on how to teach soccer better learning lessons from the classroom. Though focused on soccer this book applies to nearly all team sports and those who coach them. 

I am going to do something I don't normally do as a review, but I am going to highlight here many of the notes…