Mini-Rage team picture
Mini-rage enjoying some ice cream
Rage pre-game talk with ref.


Welcome to our soccer landing page. From here you can go to any point in our soccer section of the website. This section covers soccer doctrine, training the teams I am affiliated with and a calendar of soccer events. 

Soccer Doctrine - This section covers doctrine and thinking about soccer from overarching views to coaching to mathematical insights on the game.

Soccer Training - This section covers training videos and other resources to improve your game from both a tactical and technical perspective.

Mini-Rage - This the team section for the elementary school team.

Grizzly Rage - This is the team section for the high school women's team. 

Rage - This is the team section for the high school men's (primarily) team.

Coaching - This section is where I share my thoughts on coaching and resources I find helpful. 

Soccer Calendar - This page lays out local soccer events that pertain to us.