Chinqually Skills Camp 14 July 2021



All coaches should be at Horizon point no later than 8:30 on Wednesday dressed to play. Sam will arrive at 8:00 with Sebastian and set up the field and the Snack Shack. 

When the kids arrive we will immediately start kicking around with them. Then Sam will welcome them and break them down into four teams. Each group will go to their Team Coach. Team coaches will introduce themselves and have each kid share their name.

Teams 1 and 2 will then play against each other with coaches as goalies.

Team 3 will go to shooting training and team 4 will go to defender training.  

Teams will then follow the schedule below.

Coaches will either be Team Coaches responsible for the training and safety of their assigned team or Skills Coaches responsible for running their specific training.

During the first extended snack break Alex and Luke will demonstrate shooting. During the second extended break coaches will play 3v2+keeper to demonstrate shooting and defending.

Training Focus:

  • defending
  • shooting

Coaching Assignments:

  • Team 1 coach: Trinitee
  • Team 2 coach: Grace
  • Team 3 coach: Alex St Clair
  • Team 4 coach: Conner
  • Skills coach shooting: Alex J, Luke
  • Skills coach defending: Bryan
  • Safety and Snack Shack: Sebastian


Time Activity Remarks
0900 Welcome Sam
0910 Cycle 1-A

Team coaches - team 1 and 2 scrimmage

Skills coaches - team 3 shooting and team 4 defending

0928 Water break

Team coaches

0930  Cycle 1-B

Team coaches - team 3 and 4 scrimmage

Skills coaches - team 1 shooting and team 2 defending

0950 Snack and water break, shooting demo

Team coaches,  Sebastian snack shack, Alex and Luke shooting demo

1000 Cycle 1-C

Team coaches - team 1 and 2 scrimmage

Skills coaches - team 4 shooting and team 3 defending

1018 Water break

Team coaches

1020 Cycle 1-D

Team coaches - team 3 and 4 scrimmage

Skills coaches - team 2 shooting and team 1 defending

1038 Water break

Team coaches

1040 Cycle 2-A

Team coaches - team 1 and 2 scrimmage

Skills coaches - teams 3 and 4 shooting

1100 Snack and water break, give and go demo, through pass demo, 3v2+K

Team coaches, Skills coaches, Sebastian, Sam

1115 Cycle 2-B

Team coaches - team 3 and 4 scrimmage

Skills coaches - teams 1 and 2 shooting

1133 Water break

Team coaches

1135 2 "Full field" 5v5 scrimmages with coaches playing goalie. We will run two games simultaneously led by the Team coaches

Team coaches - team 1 and 3 scrimmage

Skills coaches - teams 2 and 4 shooting


Skills Training:

Alex and Luke will train shooting and Bryan will train defending for Cycle 1. 

For Cycle 2 Alex will lead the shooting training and Luke and  Bryan will support. 

For all of the skills training coaches will focus on the fact that players learn through their eyes and doing. Demo each task several times and ensure the players are focusing on the specific aspects of the task you want them to focus on. Then have them execute the task over and over again. Demonstrate again the task and ask them what is different about the way you are doing the task and they are doing the task. And then ask them how this is changing the impact on the ball. Be careful about giving too much feedback at once. Have the player change one element of how he or she is doing the task as they improve. Try not to change too many things at once. Improve gradually. 

Cycle 1 Shooting (Alex and Luke):

Focus on getting the players to have good form and that will translate into power. 

Focus areas:

  • angled approach
  • Plant foot
  • Hold foot solid and toes down
  • Drive through the ball with follow through


Starting drill is all about getting the form right. Place three or four balls about 3 years in front of the goal and have the player shoot each in one at a time focusing on form. Have the other in the back "shagging" the balls. Have the player repeat this 4-5 teams with recurring feedback and then switch players. Repeat until all players have the basics down. Use the blue PVC goals to shoot into. Have the Team Coaches assist. 

beginner shooting drill diagram

Cycle 1 Defending (Bryan):

Demonstrate how a defender closes down, gets the right distance and turns the attacker in the direction she wants the attacker to go. 

Focus areas:

  • Quickly close
  • Establish defending distance
  • Body posture
  • Up on toes with quick foot movement

Drill one

Partner the players up and each pair has a ball. Have them face each other about 10-15 yards apart. One player passes the ball to the other player and then quickly closes on the player with the ball and defends as the player with the ball dribbles side to side for a few seconds. The defending player then goes back to her line and they repeat the activity with the player now with the ball passing the ball back to the original player and then defending.

Pass to defend drill

Drill Two

Once the players have a basic understanding of the basics of defense, move to drill two. Have one defender defend in front of the pug starting around the cone. Have the attacking players in a line about 20 yards from the pug. Coach passes the ball into the attacking player who then attempts to score. The defender prevents him from scoring and tries to score on her goal. Repeat this 5 times or so and then replace the defender. A coach discusses how she did with the player that just finished and they develop a plan for what she should focus on next time. She then gets in line to attack. 

pass close defend drill diagram

Cycle 2 Shooting a bouncing ball (Alex with Bryan and Luke in support)

Demonstrate how to shoot a bouncing ball. Then have the players do a basic drill and then a move advanced drill. 

Focus areas:

  • Plant foot
  • Time shot for when the ball is coming down
  • Strike center of ball with follow through
  • Lock shooting foot down

Starting Drill

Pair the players up with each pair having one ball. Then line them about 15 yards apart. Have the player with the ball drop it and gently practice shooting the ball on the downward bounce. The pair "shoot" the ball back and forth until they have the basics down whether this takes two minutes or the whole time.

half volley basic drill diagram

More Advanced Half Volley Drill

Have the players line up in front of three goals with one player behind each goal. There is a coach for each line. The coach has 5 or so ball each. The coach gently lobs the ball in front of the first player in line who steps up and shoots the ball on the downward bounce. The coach repeats this until all of the balls have been shot. The shooting player then goes behind the goal. The player behind goal passes the balls back to the coach and then goes to the back of the line. The coach then repeats the drill with the next player in line. 

half volley moderate drill diagram


Coaches who have not recently watched this heat exhaustion video should re-watch it. Sam will have a first aid kit which will be kept in the green wagon near the field. Report any injury to Sam immediately.

Resources Required

  • Sam will procure and bring the following resources.
  • 25 size 4 soccer balls
  • 4 pugs
  • green pennies and a few other color
  • tall cones and flat cones 
  • snacks, drinks
  • ice chests with ice
  • rags for cooling
  • roster
  • first aid kit

Task To Coaches:

Team coaches:

  • Introductions
  • Run the small sided games - you are welcome to play with them
  • Maintain 100% accountability of all your players
  • Notify Sam of any injury or safety issue
  • Be prepared to play in the 3v2+K coaches demo game
  • Assist skills coaches when your team goes to the skills training

Skills coaches:

  • Master coaching the skill - what you want to focus on with the players
  • Review the training video above for your skill
  • Run the drill assigned
  • Play in the 3v2+1 coaches demo game
  • Luke and Alex demo shooting

Safety and Snack Shack coach:

  • Monitor all players for heat injuries
  • Watch the heat injury video above
  • Ensure the orderly dispersion of drinks and snacks
  • Ensure cold wet cloths are always available
  • Set up your snack shack at the Gazebo in the park
  • Get the telephone number of parents when they drop off their player
  • Assist Sam with set-up


  • Procure drinks and snacks
  • Bring pennies, cones, pugs, and balls
  • Provide coolers with ice and rags