Soccer Capture the Flag


We will play two half’s of Soccer Capture the flag. At half time players and coaches will go Sebastian’s snack shack for drinks and yummies.

The Pumas and Bears will be on one team against the Lions, Tigers and Bumblebees.  The Pumas and Bears will wear blue pennies. All teams please bring your ball bags as we may need your soccer balls and pennies.

Coaches will stay on their team’s side watching for safety issues and coaching/rule teaching and enforcing. 


score three goals first. 


  • Each time has their own half of the field where they are safe
  • Each team has a goal in their half they try and score into
  • Each team has a jail area in their half they put the other team in when they tag them in their half
  • Each team has an area they cannot enter where their three soccer balls go
  • The mid line is marked with cones
  • The corners of the playing area are marked with flags

Soccer capture the flag diagram


  • You are safe from being tagged on your side of the field
  • If you are tagged on the other team’s side of the field you go to their jail
  • If you tag one of your players in the other team’s jail all the prisoners are free. All prisoners and the player who tagged them hold hands and are safe to walk back to their side 
  • You are safe in the other team’s ball area 
  • To score you need to dribble or pass the ball (regular soccer rules) from the opposing team’s ball area into your goal on your side of the field 
  • Standard soccer rules apply except no Off sides.  
  • Each team has to keep their soccer balls in their ball area.  If the other team steals a ball and your team gets it back you have to pass or dribble it back into your ball area.  
  • Once a team scores that ball remains in the goal until the end of the game