Strange Drupal Fixes

The purpose of this page is to capture all of our little lessons about working with Drupal. At some point as this grows we made change the way this page works, but for now we will share these lessons here. 

Enabling and Patching Modules


Sometimes when enabling the module Devel it will fail to enable and throw an error telling you that is already in the system. To get rid of this run:

terminus drush site.env -- ev "Drupal::configFactory()->getEditable('')->delete();"

You can find more details about this issue and fix at "Configuration objects ( provided by devel already exist in active configuration"

Fixing Errors While Updating

Entity Field Definitions

Entity field error screenshot

Sometimes after updating on the Status page you will see errors about entity field definitions. The way to fix this is to install/enable Devel and Devel Entity Updates and then run the command:

terminus drush site.env -- entup

After removing this error, disable Devel and Devel Entity Update on the live site as they are a security threat on live.