Renegade Hill Giant

Played 30 December 2018

 Visasvellos assigned the party the mission to go to seek out Kragnak Blackhammer who is a half-orc fighter in the town of Keskiman. He is a blacksmith there who has contacts with the Drow. Visavellos wants the party to go to him and ask for him to seek out the Drow and ask them to teach the party to understand demonic. Visasvellos also told the party of bandits or some monster robbing travelers along the Wildlands road. He told them to deal with these bandits if they could.  

The party encountered some boar on the way out which turned out to be a good fight. The party then made it to Keskiman and linked up with Kragnak. Kragnak said that he would go seek the Drow’s help, but that he needed someone to stay with his blacksmith master and care for him. Ufgarn volunteered to stay and care for him and continue blacksmithing while Lasenor and Terreal returned to Khazadhol. The party never encountered the bard and hill giant.  

Undetermined Date

Visasvellos summoned Terreal and told him that he was pleased with how he was doing. He offered Terreal the mission to create a cover as a gem and jewelry dealer and open a shop on the East coast to spy upon the Norsk. As part of this he offered to pay for a house to be built for Terreal. Terreal accepted all and got busy, with Thladin’s help, getting Dain Woodsmith to build him a house on the outskirts of town. He met his new assistant Magnus and together they made contacts to purchase gems and jewelry from and they bought some gifts to give to the Norsk king to include a mounted hydra’s head. As this session closed, they got about a merchant ship of Thladin’s and sailed for ten days to reach Nesstorp.