Mini-Rage Practice Week of 18 May 2021


Sorry this is so late and will be very concise. 

Tuesday night after practice we will have a coaches meeting at my house to discuss end of spring season, transition to summer, summer season and the fall. 

We now enter in for our final focus for the spring season and it is creating scoring opportunities and scoring. 

Practice Focus:

  • Create 2v1s
  • Through pass
  • Shooting

Key Words:

  • Isolate one defender
  • Time your run
  • Shoot both left and right

Play 1 (Small Sided Games):

5:00-5:15 pm

Small sided games on the teams normal fields. Focus is on 2v1s, through passes and scoring.

The Bumblebees will play regular small sided games.

Small sided game diagram


5:15-5:25 pm



The purpose of this agility session is to get the players making sharp left, right and backwards turns and cuts. 

Make a box that that is approximately 20x30 yards (width of the field). Coaches should adjust this based on their observations of the game. All but two of the players are the salmons and they start at one end. Three of the players are taggers. The rest of the players are runners. When the coach says "go" the taggers try and tag the runners. When are tagger tags a runner the runner has to take a knee until all of the runners have been tagged. Then change out the taggers and repeat the game.  

Water Break

5:25 - 5:30 pm

Give the players a very short water break. Make them run to their water and back. 


5:30-5:45 pm

We practiced this with nearly all of the High School coaches at practice on Monday. 3 Blue attacking against 2 Red defenders and one Red defender running in from the midfield. Coach passes the ball in to start the drill.  


Attack drill diagram


  • Half field
  • Blue side defending no goals starts at midfield
  • Red defends big goal with two centerbacks in front of the goal at the 18.
  • 3 Blue players
  • 4 Red players - 1 goalie, 2 centerbacks, and a trailing midfielder coming back into the play


  • Blue players start at their cones along the midfield line. 
  • Coach at the midfield line with the ball
  • Red starts with goalie in the goal, two centerbacks along the 18 and one trailing midfield about 3 yards behind the midfield line
  • When the coach plays it in everyone goes live
  • Blue tries to scorer
  • Red tries to regain possession of the ball and pass the ball to the coach

Training Focus:

  • Blue - create 2v1
  • Blue - use through passes
  • Blue - shoot
  • Red - centerbacks compact
  • Red - centerbacks pressure and cover
  • Red - midfield rapidly get back and play in the zone on top of the centerbacks

Coaches should be focusing on what skills we want to work on next week to improve their execution of this drill. 

Play 2:

5:45-6:00 pm

The focus for this scrimmage is creating scoring opportunities and scoring.

18 May

Sam will create the match-ups and field assignments based on number of players per team that show up. He will attempt to make it that all players get as much playing time as possible and that teams stay together as much as possible. 

20 May

Sam will create the match-ups and field assignments based on number of players per team that show up and the coaches available. 

Post Practice Scrimmage

The players on the Bears, Lions and Pumas are welcome to stay after practice on Tuesday and scrimmage against the two GU10 teams we scrimmaged against the previous week. That will go from 6:00 to 6:30.