Goal Keeping

Welcome to Goal Keeping

This page is centered around the position of goalie. As this page expands, it will introduce more advanced techniques and strategies, starting with the very basics.

Who am I?

My name is Zack Mayer, and I've been a goal keeper for around 6 years, and I've been playing soccer even longer. I've played for Rainier Football Club, Rage Soccer, both indoor and outdoor, and I'm currently the North Thurston High School varsity goal keeper. I look forward to working with Coach Sam to help train some goal keepers! If you have any questions for me, let Coach Sam know and he will direct them to me.

Being a Goalie

The position of goal keeper is difficult as it requires skills of a field player: ball control, stamina, and a good understanding of field position, while also demanding skills unique to goal keeping; eye-hand coordination, confidence, and technique.

If you're interested in becoming a goal keeper, do not neglect field training, like ball control and conditioning. It's essential to remember that as a goal keeper, you're just a normal field player with a handy ability (Pun not intended). Further down the road, when you are competing at higher levels, basic ball control and being in shape will prove crucial.

Training Videos

In addition to training like a regular field player, the videos linked below cover the very basic foundations to becoming a goal keeper. These 

Hand Technique/Catching the Ball


Throwing Distribution 

Goal Kick Distribution


Remember to focus on your form, posture and position as you practice your goalie skills.