Chinqually Skills Camp 30 June 2021


Update 1:

I have updated this to reflect that we will now have 28-29 players which means that we will have 4 teams of 6+ each. This means we will now have 4 Team Coaches and 4 Skill Coaches as we will now do 4 different skills training at a time (each team doing one skill at a time and then rotating through). I have modified the content below to reflect this new configuration. 


All coaches should be at Horizon point no later than 8:30 on Wednesday dressed to play. Sam will arrive at 8:00 with Sebastian and set up the field and the Snack Shack. 

When the kids arrive we will immediately start kicking around with them. Then Sam will welcome them and arrange them in one line from shortest to tallest and split them into four teams. Each group will go to their Team Coach and start playing a small sided game. Team coaches are welcome to play with them to demonstrate good soccer with passing and movement. Skills coaches will prepare their training. 

Following the schedule below, teams will rotate as a team through one skills training task per session. The Skills Coach will lead that with the assistance of the Team coach who is with the team. The Team Coach remains with the team at all times. Then after the skills training the team returns to small sided games and this process is repeated through all four skills. 

Coaches will either be Team Coaches responsible for the training and safety of their assigned team or Skills Coaches responsible for running their specific training.

During the extended snack and water breaks the coaches will play 3v3 games among themselves to demonstrate a high level of soccer. 

Training Focus:

  • dribbling
  • push pass
  • long pass
  • shooting

Coaching Assignments:

Team coach: Trinitee

Team coach: Noah

Team coach: Alex Saint Claire

Team coach: Chevelle, Eli

Skills coach shooting: Sam, Grace

Skills coach push pass: Ashley

Skills coach long pass: Bryan

Skills coach dribble: Luke

Safety and Snack Shack: Sebastian


Time Activity Lead
0900 Welcome Sam
0910 Small sided games

Team coaches

0920 Water break

Team coaches

0922  Skills session 1

Skills coaches

0940 Water break

Team coaches

0942 Small sided games

Team coaches

0952 Snack and water break, 3v3 demo

Team coaches, Skills coaches, Sebastian, Sam

1000 Skills session 2

Skills coaches

1018 Water break

Team coaches

1020 Small sided games

Team coaches

1030 Water break

Team coaches

1032 Skills session 3

Skills coaches

1048 Water break

Team coaches

1050 Small sided games

Team coaches

1100 Snack and water break, give and go demo, through pass demo, 3v3

Team coaches, Skills coaches, Sebastian, Sam

1115 Skills session 4

Skill coaches

1130 Water break

Team coaches

1132 "Full field" 5v5 scrimmage with coaches playing goalie. We will run two games simultaneously led by the Team coaches

Team coaches


Skills Training:

For all of the skills training coaches will focus on the fact that players learn through their eyes and doing. Demo each task several times and ensure the players are focusing on the specific aspects of the task you want them to focus on. Then have them execute the task over and over again. Demonstrate again the task and ask them what is different about the way you are doing the task and they are doing the task. And then ask them how this is changing the impact on the ball. Be careful about giving too much feedback at once. Have the player change one element of how he or she is doing the task as they improve. Try not to change too many things at once. Improve gradually. 

Push Pass and Side of the Foot Pass:

Go over the basics of the push pass. Once you have them doing well enough move on to training them how to do an outside of their foot pass. Make sure you have them use both their left and right foot.

Push Pass focus:

  • Plant foot
  • Passing foot 90 degrees
  • Strike the ball with the middle of the passing foot in the "cup"
  • Follow through


Outside of the Foot Pass

  • Plant foot slightly further away from the ball
  • angle of the foot
  • spot on your foot you hit the ball
  • spot on the ball you strike
  • follow through


Start with the players paired up and lined up with their partner and pass the ball back and forth. Once they are basically proficient the pairs get in one lane on opposite side of the triangle cones. When the coach says "go" it is a race to see which pair can push pass and knock over all their cones. Have a few competitions. Once complete have them step away and practice passing with the outside of their foot. Once ready repeat the lane passing competition to knock down all the cones. 

push pass drill diagram

Long Pass:

Focus first on getting a good driven long ball. If it goes well and you have time you can address adding backspin by striking a little lower and not following through. With this said, get the long driven ball first before moving onto backspin.

Focus areas:

  • plant foot
  • angled approach at the ball
  • swing of the foot
  • place on the foot where the player strikes the ball
  • follow through



First start my demonstrating a good long pass and then have them partner up and practice. Then have the partners get in their respective boxes. It is then a competition to long pass the ball from their box to the player in the other box and to see which team can complete ten successful passes first. Once they succeed two or three times place the stands in between them so they have to pass over them challenging the players to put height on their passes. Each time they knock over a stand they have to run out and set it up and then continue. 

long pass diagram


Focus on getting the players to have good form and that will translate into power. 

Focus areas:

  • angled approach
  • Plant foot
  • Hold foot solid and toes down
  • Drive through the ball with follow through


Starting drill is all about getting the form right. Place three or four balls about 3 years in front of the goal and have the player shoot each in one at a time focusing on form. Have the other in the back "shagging" the balls. Have the player repeat this 4-5 teams with recurring feedback and then switch players. Repeat until all players have the basics down. Use the blue PVC goals to shoot into. Have the Team Coaches assist. 

beginner shooting drill diagram

If time permits and they have a solid grasp of shooting you can move to this dribble and shoot drill. Once again focus on the form. The red flag out front of the goal represents a defender they are dribbling around. The red flags in the goal focus them on shooting to the sides of the goal. 

dribble and shoot clinic drill diagram


Demonstrate the move and then have the kids practice the move individually. Then put them in a 20x20 box and have them dribble around each other practicing their move. Repeat this process for each of the moves. 

We will focus on three basic moves:

  • Step over
  • Cruyf
  • Drag back



I want every coach to watch this video on heat injuries. If you watched it in the last few days you do not need to watch it again. Though the temperature should not be too high many of the kids will show up dehydrated from the last few days so they are starting at elevated risk which means the threat is real. Your focus and knowledge will keep them safe.

Resources Required

  • Sam will procure and bring the following resources.
  • 25 size 4 soccer balls
  • 4 pugs
  • green pennies and a few other color
  • tall cones and flat cones 
  • snacks, drinks
  • ice chests with ice
  • rags for cooling
  • roster
  • first aid kit

Task To Coaches:

Team coaches:

  • Introductions
  • Work with the players to create a team name for the day
  • Run the small sided games - you are welcome to play with them
  • Maintain 100% accountability of all your players
  • Notify Sam of any injury or safety issue
  • Be prepared to play in the 3v3 coaches demo game

Skills coaches:

  • Master coaching the skill - what you want to focus on with the players
  • Review the training video above for your skill
  • Run the drill assigned
  • Play in the 3v3 coaches demo game

Safety and Snack Shack coach:

  • Monitor all players for heat injuries
  • Watch the heat injury video above
  • Ensure the orderly dispersion of drinks and snacks
  • Ensure cold wet cloths are always available
  • Set up your snack shack at the Gazebo in the park
  • Assist Sam with set-up


  • Procure drinks and snacks
  • Bring pennies, cones, pugs, and balls
  • Provide coolers with ice and rags