Fight Kobolds at Crypt

Played 3 November 2018

The party goes back up into the hills looking for the stolen cattle and kobolds. Lesanor leads the party up to the lair. Their lair is a stone room mostly underground with a metal gate and wooden door. The wooden door is open about a foot and Lesanor sneaks up and hears noise inside. He also sees a dead pig outside the door and then sees a kobold and then two more come out and cut pieces off the pig and bring it inside to eat. Lesanor sees tracks of cattle and more kobolds driving them further up into the mountains. The party surrounds the lair and then Terreal throws a glowing purple stone in front of the door to lure them out. Two come out and get shot at and run back inside. The others then all rush out for a total of 16.  Jarrod’s monk jumps off the top of the lair down into the middle of them and gets cut down. Ufgarn fights over to him and saves his life. The rest of the party fights to a near run victory killing off the rest of the kobolds. They then go inside and get forty gold pieces and find the six up shafts and the symbol of the dragon and the demonic writing that says “Here they lie waiting for their master’s call”. Terreal writes the words down though none of them can read it. They then rest so the monk can stabilize and they then return to Argot’s farm and the session ends.