Attack on Kobold Caverns

Played on 12 November 2018

Lesanor and Terreal are assigned the legion’s headquarters platoon. The platoon leader, Golin, instructs them that when the legion marches they will walk with Mortag and will only speak when spoken to. They are to ensure the scouts find the right trail. Once they put the scouts on the right path they fall back and move with Mortag.   The scouts flawlessly move into the position to screen the west and east of the mountain. The recruit company fell in on the eastern flank and supported the scout platoon screening. The night passed until the sun rose and the assault began. The line companies assaulted the caverns with a big clamor of battle that quickly subsided as the dwarves drove the kobolds back.

Less than an hour later to the south of the party a scout horn sounded summoning help and the first and second platoon of the recruit company rushed to support the scouts in contact. Shortly after the first horn a second horn blast directly to their front goes off.  The party hears the summons and rushes to close with the bugbear chieftain and his bugbear body guards and kobolds. After a close run fight and an arrow of ensnarement fired by Lesanor the party slays the chieftain Shalrdorn and the remaining bugbears and kobolds. The session ends with Nardlug and reinforcements arriving while Ufgarn and Lesanor are healing the injured dwarves.