Grizzly Homework

At least five out of seven days of the week you should be practicing on your individual skills. Our practices focus on collective training and tactical intelligence. Your individual skills are primarily your responsibility and they will be as good as the amount of time and focus you are willing to dedicate to them.  I recommend you work on your skills between 15-30 minutes a day. Many of these skills videos are made so you can practice them on your own. 

Homework topics and ideas

This is a great video to watch and then select 2-3 new moves and practice them for 5-10 minutes until you have mastered them. Then watch some more of the video and pick out some new touches. This video and drill is all about becoming one with the ball while it is on the ground. It is about moving it in every way possible. 

This is a very good demonstration of five solid moves that every player (offense, defense and midfield) can and should learn. Even though this video is in German it provides clear demonstration of the skills. If you are going to master soccer you need to become comfortable with the fact that the Beautiful game is truly international and we need to be able to learn from everyone.