Summer Grizzlies

The Women's Rage team is a High School Women's team built the team that was founded in the spring of 2020 forming from the Rage.  We are excited to continue our pursuit of excellence into 2021. 

The Grizzlies are committed to excellence on and off the field. 

Season Goals:


to help create women who embrace the pursuit of excellence through the enjoyment, challenges and rewards of playing soccer and to develop a life-long love of the Beautiful Game.


Players have identified the following areas defining success for this summer season

  • Create a culture of supportiveness
  • Improve physical ability
  • Improve individual skills
  • Become effective communicators on and off the field

Player Expectations of Players:

The team discussed the available expectations from the table below and selected the following three expectations to hold each other accountable for.

  • Honesty/Constructive Criticism: respectfully talk with each other and the coach to provide thoughtful and honest feedback and advice.
  • Effort: commit yourself to working hard on and off the field to getting better both physically and mentally.
  • Encouragement: support every member of the team to become the best she can be and to lift each other up when we stumble.


Name Jersey Number

KITG 23 July

7:30 PM

KITG 24 July

4:00 PM

7:30 PM

KITG 25 July

11:00 AM

Sofia Arif 22 Yes Yes Yes
Ava Bailey 16 No No No
Olivia Bernhard 3 No Yes Yes
Margaret Chapel Goalie-12 Yes Yes Yes
Elizabeth Helman 8 No Yes Yes
Jade Bell 17 Yes Yes Yes
Kyrsten Kolar 28 Yes Yes Yes
Grace Lovell 14 No Yes Yes
Maylania Mikaele 24 Maybe Yes Yes
Addison M 1 Yes Yes Yes
Destinee Robertson 27 Yes Yes Yes
Trinitee Robertson 37 Yes Yes Yes
Sophie Swanson 22 Yes No No
Mila Trickle 14 Yes Yes Yes
Ashley Tuttle 20 No Yes Yes
Erica White 13 Yes Yes Yes
Tia Wieclaw 6 Maybe Yes Yes
Chevelle Woods 7 Maybe No No

Kick in the Grass

Link to KITG Schedule

Style of Play:

To be developed. 


Regularly homework will be posted below to either set the conditions for learning for the upcoming practices or reinforce learning that has already occurred. Sometimes there will be homework just to deepen our love and appreciation of the Beautiful Game. 

Active Homework:

There is no homework assigned at this time.


There are no announcements at this time.

Next 14 Days for the Grizzlies

Official Grizzly schedule

There are no events scheduled at this time.