Ubuntu Training

Ubuntu is the first step in understanding how we update Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 sites. Ubuntu is kind of like a toolbox that holds tools we can use to work on our own computers and websites. It is a powerful toolbox with powerful tools. Ubuntu itself comes with one tool already inside and it is the basic commands to interact with your computer. 

As you go through this, please read this entire section and then come back and go step-by-step through this taking the actions it recommends you to take. 

So, to start, go to the Microsoft store and download the Ubuntu app. As youu set it up, make sure you remember your password. 

Ubuntu logo in microsoft store

Once installed, open it up and bask in your initial command line victory! Now, your text will look different, but if it generally looks like this you are good. 

Ubuntu screen shot once open

Once you have your Ubuntu command line tool open, proceed to the tutorial linked below. This will take you into what this tool is and its background. It will then take you through a tutorial. It will go further with Ubuntu than we normally go, but having a solid starting foundation with Ubuntu is very good as future developers.

Go ahead and follow this link to the Ubuntu Overview and precede to do all the way through. You can skip section 6 "A bit of plumbing" as it goes into a level of detail we do not need. When you do section 7 "The Command line and the superuser" pay special attention to the "sudo" portion as you will often use that to install different tools. 

Make sure you do all the training commands in the first few sections, but once you get past section 5 you can do them if you wish or not as our usage of the Linux command is a bit different that the material they are covering.