The Academy of Lacey


Our intent is to serve our state and nation by providing services that improve our community and develop the youth of today into resilient, caring, strong, problem solving leaders of the future.


The Academy of Lacey provides services in the area of web development (Drupal), youth soccer coaching and youth leader development with the purpose of improving the lives of our community and the individuals in it. 


Academy of Lacey Logo


The Academy of Lacey provides dependable, responsive and affordable entry to moderate skilled web development (Drupal) support to Washington State agencies in order to create professional websites in the service of the citizens of Washington.


The Academy of Lacey provides the highest quality individual youth soccer training and development with special emphasis on skills development and tactical decision making to develop young soccer players to their highest level possible.

Youth Leader Development:

The Academy of Lacey runs youth focused leadership camps to develop self-awareness and confidence as young values-based leaders who grow into strong, resilient, compassionate and confident adults. 


The Academy of Lacey is a values-based team driven to make a positive impact in the lives of others. For us, that means that we hold ourselves and each other accountable for operating based on the following values. This is how we assess ourselves and each other as part of the Academy of Lacey team. 

  1. Customer oriented - everything we do is focused on serving the stated and unstated needs of our customers within the scope of our service.
  2. Respect - we treat everyone with respect. And to us respect means treating everyone from customers to teammates based on the value of our shared humanity. We embrace our teammates different experiences, perspectives and skills as long as they have our shared values.
  3. Dependable - if we say it will be done it will get done.
  4. Growth mindset - we constantly seek to get better as individuals and as a team
  5. Bravery - we are willing to try new ideas and new ways to achieve excellence in the name of our customers. And we are willing to do the right thing even when it is not the easy thing. 
  6. Team work - we are a team in all things.