Mini-Rage Spring 2021

The Mini-Rage is a collection of boys elementary school age recreational soccer teams in Lacey, Washington. We are the younger teams of the High School Rage (Men) and High School Rage Grizzlies (Women) teams. The teams are all connected by the older players helping the younger players. The current mini-Rage are the Tigers, Pumas, Lions, Bears and Bumblebees.   

Who We Are

Team Goal:

Assist in developing healthy young adults through the enjoyment, challenges and rewards of playing soccer and to develop a life-long love of the Beautiful Game among the players.

Team Cultural Goals:

  • Inclusive - no matter the player's background we welcome him (or her) to be part of our team. 
  • Respectful - we treat every player and person with respect.
  • Learning - we desire to learn every time we watch or play the beautiful game.
  • Supportive - we lift each other up when times are hard and celebrate together when things go well.


Sam Hales is the head coach (and Joe Beaulieu is also head coach of the Bears) and below are the assistant coaches for each team are:


  • Jimmy
  • Brock
  • Savannah


  • Trinitee 
  • Grace
  • Alex SC


  • Ashley
  • Makayla
  • Bryan


  • Alex J
  • Luke 
  • Bailey 


  • Eli
  • Conner
  • Joe

Approach to Training

Our approach to training is that the number one goal out of a season is for the kids to be eager to come back and play again. Creating great players starts with a love of the game and at this age that begins with fun. Additionally, skills are best developed in game like situations. All of this combines to our practices being very much oriented on the players and the game. We will do small sided scrimmages at the start of every practice to get every player lots of touches on the ball. We will typically have a focus for each practice and this is where we introduce that focus like passing or spreading out. Then we will do "drills". We will demonstrate the skill we are focusing on and then give them a chance to practice it in a very unpressured environment. We will then do a "drill" that is more game like with some more pressure forcing the players to apply that new skill in a game like environment. We will end every practice with a scrimmage with a focus of applying the skills we focused on in that scrimmage. 

Learning by Watching

For young players to grow as soccer players it is import for them to watch higher level soccer so they can see what "right" looks like. As such, I recommend they come out and watch (within the COVID guidance) the older high school players play. Their games will be on this website also. Additionally, watch professional games when they can. 

Expectations from Parents


Communicate with us. If you have a question or concern please bring it to us and we will try and address it. If something is unclear send me a text or come and talk with me during practice. 

Support Learning and Growth

Support the kids with their growing love of soccer. Learning to strive to get better at this age is an aspect of development and it is a process. They are learning what it means to practice and focus on getting better. Help with that process by reinforcing the good habits they are developing. Learning to win is in the baby-step phase of development with them and at this age the final outcome of a game whether it is a win or a loss is not very important. Developing their love of the game, improving as players and developing good sportsmanship habits are important. Ask your players what they learned in the game and practice and ask them what they want to get better at. Ask your players what they are going to do to get better. Every player can do their own "homework" and we are happy to recommend to them things they can work on at home.

Sportsmanship and Growing our Future

In our environment we are growing high school students to be head coaches and mature referees. If you have an issue with our coaching or one of our coaches please come to me. Please never ever talk to the ref except to thank her or him after the game. They are learning too. I will only address the ref during a game if there is a safety issue. If the ref makes a bad call I will talk with the ref at half-time or at the end of the game. Many times this happens because the referee is also still learning the game and their role in it. Please support these high school students as they grow. They are our future. Additionally, please do not "coach" your player from the sidelines. Often this confuses the player and distracts the players as they are receiving input from the game, their coach and now their parent. 


COVID. The risk of COVID spread on the field is tiny. With that said, masks are currently required for parents, players, coaches and refs. Please have your player come and wear his mask at every practice and game until it is no longer authorized. If you forget your mask I will have extra ones. 

Major injuries at this age are very, very rare. With this said, pain related to growth and sports at this age does occur and is important to be aware of. Please let us know if your player is dealing with an injury or pain. This helps us deal with the particulars of the situation. For example, some boys at this age begin to experience growing pains that make running difficult. He might be a great candidate to play goalie until the body adjusts to the growing and he can play the field again.

One quick comment on concussions. Heading is not allowed at this age and head contact at this age is rare. If, however, a player bumps heads with another player or whacks his head on the ground please keep an eye out for any strange behavior or symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms do not show for a day or so. Things like headaches, blurry vision, difficulty reading the board at school, strange moods, are all signs that he may have received a concussion. When in doubt see a doctor. There is no magic cure for a concussion. Rest is the only cure. If you have any questions feel free to come talk with me, but when in doubt go visit a doctor and rest. 


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