Grizzlies 2020

The Women's Rage team is a High School Women's team built around the ladies who have been playing with the Rage in the past. We are excited to be forming this team and look forward to an amazing Summer season. 

The Grizzlies are committed to excellence on and off the field. 

Season Goals:


to help create women who embrace the pursuit of excellence through the enjoyment, challenges and rewards of playing soccer and to develop a life-long love of the Beautiful Game.


  • Teammates forever
  • Striving for excellence
  • A habit of winning
  • Fun and good food

Player Expectations of Players:

  • Supportive and Challenging: Always supporting each other on and off the field yet challenging each other to always get better.
  • Communication: Communicates well both tactically and as a teammate.
  • Tenacious: Always striving to win. Never quit attitude. 
  • Dependable: Be someone your teammate can always depend on both on and off the field.
  • Fun and Focused: Have fun at the right time and be serious and focused at the right time.
  • Driven for Excellence: In practice and in games always striving to get better technically, tactically, fitness and communication. 


Name Jersey Number
Olivia Bernhard 3
Margaret Chapel Goalie
Elizabeth Helman 8
Grace Lovell 14
Maylania Mikaele  
Baylei Mueller 25
Taffi Napier 4
Kory Prante 1
Destinee Robertson 27
Trinitee Roberston 37
Tori Shea 18
Makayla Soh 9
Sophie Swanson 22
Ashley Tuttle 20
Helayna Wyman 4

Style of Play:

The Grizzlies have a dynamic ball control style of attack. Dynamic means that it adjusts to the opportunities provided by the opposing team. For more details go to the Grizzly Style of Attack page. 


For the team to succeed it is vital that each player gets as good at their individual skills as possible. This improvement will happen mostly due to the individual players dedicated individual practice. During the team practices we will focus on skills and team tactics that we can only work on as a team. Individual skills development is primarily the responsibility of the individual player. We have some homework ideas on our homework page. The coach will post homework assignments in this section.

Active Homework:

There is no homework assigned at this time.


There are no announcements at this time.

Next 14 Days for the Grizzlies

There are no events scheduled at this time.