Begin Kobold Caverns Adventure

Played 2 November 2018

Jarrod, David and Bryan begin the storyline. They receive their mission from Nardlug in the fort of Khazadhol. They leave and arrive at Argot’s farm and have dinner and stay with him and his family. That night they go out and search for signs and tracks of missing domestic animals. Bryan finds tracks leading into the woods with a roll of a 20. The party moves into the woods following the tracks and find multiple track paths that join the main path. Bryan reads the tracks to realize that each time 2-3 cattle and or pigs are stolen by 4-6 creatures that walk on two legs and seem to have claws or talons as feet. After setting up an ambush hoping they return down the trail, the party decides to return to Argot’s farm. They go to bed as the sun is rising and are waken by Argot for lunch. They eat a hearty lunch with the family and then talk with Argot afterwards about the threat they found. He recognizes them to be kobolds. He shares his opinion that kobolds do not travel in small numbers far away from their tribe which is normally between 400-600 kobolds. This raiding party being so close deeply concerns him. He agrees to send two of his sons to update Nardlug and then he goes to warn the neighbors and set up a night time watch. The party agrees to go back up into the woods and follow the kobold trail and see what they discover.

They believe that the kobolds may be laying in wait and use a trap to trigger an ambush so they proceed parallel to the north south trail just off the western side. They are proven accurate when Bryan sees eight kobolds laying in ambush around two trees that likely acting as a choke point for the traps. The party surprises the kobolds and kills them all while taking some damage. The session ends.