Who We Are

The Rage are a recreational high school men's team that has been together for several years. It's motto is "Respect All, Fear None" and we have attempted to play and live by that motto. 


The team's purpose for the summer is to improve as both individuals and as a team while enjoying our last season together as a team. 

Teammate expectations:

  • Respectful and Friendly - The Rage have always been a team that believes in treating each other, the other team, the referees and fans with respect and kindness. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and in a friendly manner both on and off the field. 
  • Hard Work - Every Rage player works hard to improve his soccer skills, tactical decision making, soccer fitness and manly character. 
  • Team First - Every Rage player plays and practices with the team in mind first. 

Spring Rosters

Rage Red

  1. Bryan Hales (1)
  2. Alexander Jarvis (24) 
  3. Destinee Robertson (27) 
  4. James Fowler (15) 
  5. Trinitee Robertson (37)
  6. Zach Meyer (K)
  7. Dallin Glade 
  8. Eli Bell (17)
  9. Christian Armas (11)
  10. Aaron Blume (TBD)
  11. Owen Downs (TBD)
  12. Grant Lindstrom (7)
  13. Matthew Orihuela (TBD)
  14. Marco Orihuela (TBD)
  15. Emanual Retambay (TBD)
  16. Beck Wilson (TBD)
  17. Timothy Zane (TBD)
  18. Sebastian Compton (24)


Below is the list of homework for the players to complete by the due date.

There is no homework assigned at this time.


There are no announcements at this time.

Next 14 Days for the Rage

There are no events scheduled at this time.