End of Wight Crypt

Played 24 DEC 2018

The party, Ufgarn, Terreal and Lesanor, enter the last room of the Wight crypt. They defeat two Death Dogs and free the three captured kids. One human male and dwarven child and one female dwarven child. They take the kids back under the sunlight and the fresh air and the kids are terrified and scarred from the experience, but delighted to be out. The party returns them to one of the kid’s farm. The family is ecstatic to have their child home and the party sneaks off to the Red Mule Inn. They bathe and settle into the room for the night with the exception of a walk out by Terreal and Lesanor for Terreal to sell some gyms. He succeeds in selling two gems for 400 gold pieces. The rest of the night they stay in their room identifying the magic items they have seized.

The next day stopped by the Moradin temple and left a letter and 50 GP and then they left town and went to left and went to Mazarhol. In the letter they referred to themselves as Talons. Mazarhol is a town between Arzaq and Khazadhol. Terreal sells a gem and a ruby at the jeweler who he had encountered on the way out. While selling the gems he is observed by a dwarf and two norsk humans. They follow him and he see them in the inn that evening. The next day the party departs the town heading back to Khazadhol. They see the dwarf and two humans setting an ambush for them. They wait until a dwarven farmer and his son pass by with two horses drawing a cart. They counter attack the thieves when they attack and though Ufgarn almost dies they defeat the thieves. They save the farmer’s son Zorn and the farmer gives them a ride to Khazadhol and that ends this session.