Mini-Rage Practice Week of 6 April 2021


We will follow our standard structure with a slight modification on Tuesday. The focus for this week is individual defensive skills of our defenders. This is meant to improve our defensive's units ability to defend as a team (our two center backs). 

We have two slight modifications. The Bears may possibly have poor turn out due to spring break. Joe will also not be present. If the turn out is poor we will integrate the players who do show with the Lions and the Pumas. If the turn out is good Sam will coach the Bears. 

The second modification is that Darek Gorring's GU10 team or teams will scrimmage against the Lions and Pumas between 6 and 6:30. If Lions and Pumas can field a full team each one will go 6:00-6:15 and the other 6:15-30 and if they can only field one they will scrimmage 6:00-6:30.  

Practice Focus:

  • Defender position's himself between the ball and goal he is defending
  • Good defensive posture and distance by the defender turning the attacker away from the goal
  • Attacking focus is dribbling to beat a player 1v1

Key Words:

  • Get between the ball and the goal
  • Bend your knees
  • Turn your body
  • Maintain good distance from the attacker

Play 1 (Small Sided Games):


Small sided games on the teams normal fields. 

Small sided game diagram



The purpose of this agility session is to get the players making sharp left, right and backwards turns and cuts. Make the field whatever size you think is appropriate keeping in mind the smaller the field and quicker and more agile the players must be. Pay special attention to the slower and less agile kids that they don't just quit and accept that they will be tagged. 

Make a box that that is approximately 20x20 yards. All but two of the players are the salmons and they start at one end. Two of the players are orcas and they stay at the other end. When the coach says go the salmon try and cross the box to safety on the far side of the line that the orcas are starting on. The orcas try and tag as many players as the can. Each time they tag a salmon the salmon is transformed into an orca for the next iteration. 

Orcas and salmon agility game diagram



Give the players a very short water break. Make them run to their water and back. 



We are focusing on proper defending 1) get between the ball and the goal 2) close to the proper distance 3) get in a good stance 4) turn the attacker away from the goal or onto his week foot 5) steal the ball

Coaches have their choice of what defensive focused skills training they would like to conduct. Here is an option that is available for all the teams to include the Bumblebees. In the end it is up to the coaches to choose this exercise or create their own.

Practice diagram defender right side

Practice diagram defender left side

The focus for this exercise is to get the Blue defender to prevent the Red attacker from scoring. Put two blue defenders in line by each defensive yellow cone. Divide the attacking Red players and have them stand by either attacking yellow cone. On the coach's command one of the attackers dribbles forward and tries to score. The Blue defender on the other side comes out to defend against the attack and steal the ball. Once the defender gets the ball or the ball is out of play the defender goes to the other defensive line and the attacker goes to the other attacking line. The coach then has the other attacking line have an attacker dribble forward and the process is repeated. 

It is important that the defenders start off center. We need to force a situation where they have to get between the ball and the goal. When coaching this, you basically have two options regarding which direction for the defenders to turn the attacker. The first one is to have the defender turn the attacker away from his strong (right) foot. The other is to turn the defender away from the center of the goal and to the outside. Your defender will probably have more success by turning the defender away from the attacker's strong foot. This is the coach's decision. 

Training Focus:

  • Get between the ball and the goal
  • Close to about an arm's length away
  • Get in a good stance
  • Turn the attacker onto his weak foot or away from the goal

Play 2:


The focus for this scrimmage is how they effectively build up from a goal kick and how they high press against a goal kick. If they do not do it well, have them do it again.

This time we will also include the Dragons in our scrimmage. It is the team we are picking up when Coach Sergio is unable to make practice due to coaching Timberline. This scrimmage the Tigers will play against themselves as shown. That will change each time. 

Coaches, please pay special attention regarding safety due to size difference between the Dragons and the other Mini-Rage teams. 

This scrimmage will not have any coaches on the field as players. 

6 April:

Sam will determine who scrimmages who and where based on number of players by team in attendance.


8 April:

Sam will determine who scrimmages who and where based on number of players by team in attendance.

GU10 Scrimmage Tuesday


Any of the Bears, Lions and Puma players are welcome to stay and scrimmage against the GU10 team.