Dungeons and Dragons

This is our Dungeons and Dragons page that supports our campaign and the game in general. It also supports our love of fantasy fiction and all things fantasy adventure. 

Khazadhol Campaign

Sam created this campaign to play with David and Bryan. It is centered around a Dwarvish city in the middle of an Australian size island with a huge lake in the middle of it. The adventures find themselves coming together as they serve their time in the Dwarven military service. 

Adventure log

One-Shot Adventures in Khazadhol

In addition to a longer running campaign we have started a new approach with one-shot campaigns. The idea is that we take one evening to create characters and then play a single session campaign using those characters. Those characters will then be retired until brought out again as desired or new characters created. 

Middle Kingdom

David created this campaign to play with Bryan and Sam. They first played while he was home from UCB on 1 January, 2021. It is centered around the city of Pasont in the Middle Kingdom. Follow here to enter the Middle Kingdom Campaign.

D&D 5e

We are playing using the Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition. 

House Rules

We are still developing our house rules and will list them here until the get too long and will then move them to their own page.