World Background

Adventure Hook:  

The adventurers are initiates of the Adventurers Guild in the metropolitan city of Lasont.  Institutions and various moneyed individuals will pay the Adventurers Guild to contract out a group of adventurers to complete a task.  The adventurers’ first quest will be to investigate a series of strange occurrences in the towns of Ryn, Etholur, and Deltholur to the northeast of Lasont. 

World Setting:

The campaign is set on the continent of Ault, a high fantasy world with medieval age technology.  Even though magic users are rare in Ault, there is evidence of magic to be found all over the continent.  The gods of Ault are those of the Forgotten Realm pantheon.  

Continent of Alt

map of the continent of alt

Lasont Region

map of the region around lasont

Political Institutions

The Starr Kingdom

Inhabitants: Human

Government: Monarchy

Capital: Rastorin

Location: Western and central Ault

Ideals: Order, hierarchy

The Starr Kingdom is arguably the largest, most powerful kingdom in Ault.  Its rule extends from the western coastal city of Elmport, to the northern tundra outpost of Therva, to the arid southern city of Ahksesha, to the bustling central Aulten city of Lasont.  The kingdom is ruled by the Starr family, who derive their legitimacy from blood relation to Octavius Starr, the renowned hero of old.  The Starr Kingdom is rumored to be facing a succession crisis and logisticians claim its mismanaged resources are spread too thin.  This jeopardizes the kingdom’s position as the dominant political power of Ault.  

The Federation of Alia

Inhabitants: Human and high elf

Government: Factional oligarchy

Capital: Nok

Location: Southern Ault

Ideals: Honor, martial prowess

Seventy-two ago a massive horde of gnolls descended from the Green Hills to wreak havoc on the human and elven denizens of southern Ault.  For the first time in centuries, the normally fractious alium overcame their differences and formed an alliance, calling themselves the Federation of Alia.  Together, the Federation of Alia staved off the gnoll invaders and pushed them back to the Green Hills.  Even with their common enemy defeated, the federation persisted and ushered in an era of peace and prosperity.  The federation is quickly “finding its footing” and becoming a powerful force on Ault, at least when the alia are aligned in their goals…

Larretan Republic

Inhabitants: Wood elf

Government: Crowned republic

Capital: Ferwyrthia

Location: Northern central Ault

Ideals: Respect, elegance, equality

Durheim Pact

Inhabitants: Dwarf

Government: Dual monarchy

Capital: Durheim

Location: Eastern Ault, Temgra Mtns.

Ideals: Integrity, resilience, efficiency

Key NPCs

Name Gender Race Class Position Location
Takerra Female Dwarf   Adventurers Guild Officer Lasont
Zinfandel Male Elf Wizard Shopkeeper and purveyor of magical arts Lasont
Narisha Female Dwarf Smith Merchant of fine weapons and armor Lasont
Bobert Male Gnome Merchant Merchant of potions and other consumables Lasont
Ford Ruthers Male Half-orc   Captain of the Guard Lasont
Yuri Jensk Male Human   Captain in the Starr Kingdom; present during the conflict at the Wyda Gorge Wyda Gorge?
Anika Felwyn Female Elf   Captain in the Federation of Alia, present during the conflict at Wyda Gorge Wyda Gorge?
Tryp Goodfellow Male Human   Mayor Etholur
Morgana Female Tiefling   town healer/warlock, favorable towards AG, Grotto
Tokelterain   Blue dragonborn Warlock last seen in Persona non Grotto Grotto
Jethro Male Golden green dragonborn Paladin    
Jayfa Female Wood elf/drow Ranger Last seen in inauspicious Arachnids