Recon Entrance to Kobold Caverns and Report

Played 11 November 2018

They returned to Argot’s farm and family. His two sons he sent to report to Nardlug were still away. They stayed over night in the barn and slept in until Zarvot set the table for breakfast and Argot wakes them. They have a large breakfast and the Terreal helps Zarvot in the house and Ufgarn and Lesanor help Argot and his two other sons in the fields. Later that afternoon a scout platoon arrives with Orin as the platoon leader. He and Argot greet each other as old friends. The scout platoon and the party minus Jemeak head back up into the hills covering the trail they had just come back down. Lesanor points out the ambush site and then the location of the lair. The platoon sets up a screen line just south of the Kobold caverns and they wait overnight. Orin asks Lesanor and Terreal to head down to Khazadol and report to Nardlug and Mortag what has happened.

Ufgarn remains with the platoon and Lesanor and Terreal hike all day and return to the Khazadhol fort by late evening.  They report to Nardlug and he has them go to bed and get some sleep. They are awakened the next morning as the legion prepares to march. Three line companies, the rest of the scout company and the recruit company are all in formation on the parade ground ready to march at a moment’s notice.