Pre-launch Checklist

1. Update modules

Refer to the Updating Drupal 9 Sites to Dev

2. Install and Activate XML Sitemap

  1. Click on Extend, and type in Sitemap and check if XML sitemap and XML sitemap custom are enabled, if not install them.
  2. ULI into and go to Admin>Configuration>Search and Metadata>XLM sitemap in both parks-parks and current site
  3. Go through the menu settings from list through sitemap entities. Under Settings>Advanced settings, an example default bse URL is shown in the figure below.



3. Check the site's CONTACT form

  • Unless otherwise specified, click on Admin>Extend>Uninstall module and then uninstall contact.
  • Build a webform if required matching the contact form

4. Test reCAPTCHA v3

Go to Admin> Configuration. Hit Captcha settings, then go to reCAPTCHA v3 settings. If there is nothing in the text fields, make a note of it. If there is something in the test fields, go to a webform and then test it is working with some spam content to make sure it flags you :).

5. Remove all TEST content, including submissions from webforms

  • Go to Admin>Content then click on update, then delete content (including bios, events, etc) that are NOT BY DRUPAL HANDBOOK but are dumb pages like Lora ipsum or pages with dumb names. 
  • Go to Admin>Structure>Webforms then for every webform, click build then results then clear then fill in delete all forms then delete hit all forms.

6. Disabling content fields

Go Admin>Structure>Content types. For each content type, click manage fields then manage form display. For do not rem-migrate, migrated from ID, developer notes, and migrated from URL, move them from content to disabled then save.

7. Remove development feeds

  • Go to Admin>Content>Feeds. For any feeds labeled WATech of have to deal with migrating media/basic pages, hit the edit dropdown then delete. DO NO HIT DELETE WITH ITEMS. If in doubt, don't delete it.
  • Go to Admin>Structure>Feed types. For any feeds labeled WATech of have to deal with migrating media/basic pages, hit the edit dropdown menu and hit delete.

8. Test Sendgrid

Go to Admin> Configuration. Then search and click on SendGrid Settings then click on SendGrid email Test. Then copy the email in To: collum before entering your email. then sending the message. If the message is sent, then you are all good. If it doesn't, make a note of it.

9. Test Google Analytics

Go to Admin> Configuration. Then check to see if the Web Property text field is filled, if not then make a note of it.

10. SSO

Open incognito, then open the site. On the homepage, put /user in the URL and then check if there is a link on the bottom, which looks something like the link below. If it is not there, make a note of it.

And some maybe’s:

  • Delete unwanted files from /sites/default/files via SFTP
    • Most sites are cloned from our DrupalBase and therefore may have /files/ that don't belong to this site.
    • Especially look into the /files/YYYY-MM/ folders with very early dates.
    • This is sort of hard to make sure a file is or isn't used.  If really unsure, leave it on the site to be safe.