Web Team Foundational Training

The purpose of this section is to provide the developer new to Drupal with the basics of how Drupal works. For this, we use our dev site which has the same username and password as we do on the live site; here. 

On your time, (non-billable hours) work through these to build your skills with Drupal. The better you get the more work we can support WaTech with. 

Content Type, Taxonomies and View Training

In this training you will learn the basics of how content types are built and how they connect to views. Additionally, you will learn how taxonomies powerfully enable us to tag and sort content. The training will likely take you five hours or so. Follow the link to begin your adventure! And, don't be afraid to experiment. 

Menu Training

Working with menus within Drupal is a foundational skill for us and also very easy within Drupal. Normally, we just place pages in the menu, but understanding the other aspects surrounding the menu is very important. This training will take you about an hour or two depending on how much you explore. So, let the adventure begin!