The Coach's Guide to Teaching

Submitted by samh on Thu, 11/17/2022 - 11:17
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This is a brilliant book written by an educator who is also experienced and knowledgeable about soccer. It focuses on how to teach soccer better learning lessons from the classroom. Though focused on soccer this book applies to nearly all team sports and those who coach them. 

I am going to do something I don't normally do as a review, but I am going to highlight here many of the notes I took while reading the book. In part, I am going to do this to review for me some of the big lessons of the book and in part to make it easier for me to go back and review and reference these ideas. I believe this is a book I could come back to every other year or so and learn deeper lessons. 

The table of contents consists of:

  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • The Ability to Decide
  • Planning and Design
  • Getting More Out of Feedback and Questioning
  • Checking for Understanding
  • Building Culture
  • Issues in Growth & Development
  • Acknowledgements

My Big Lessons

The big ideas for me out of this book were

  • Memory loss and repetition
  • Focus on one step/task at a time
  • Help players see what is important
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