The Inner Game of Tennis

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Book cover of the inner game of tennis
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Author: W. Timothy Gallwey

Discussion points:


  • What are some of the big ideas of the book that you took away from reading it?
  • What do you think about his ideas of the different types of players; Good-o, Friends-o, and Health-o-Fun-o?
    • Is there a gender tendency difference in the way players approach this? If yes, what? 
  • Self 1 and 2
    • What does the Author say about Self 1 and Self 2 and what do you think about that?
    • What is Self 1? What is it made up of? What is it good for?
  • What is a good way according to the author to maintain focus? page 97
  • What do you think of the three skills of learning? Why are they important?
    1. Learning how to get the clearest possible picture of your desired outcome
    2. Learning how to trust Self 2
    3. Learning to see yourself "non-judgementally"
  • What role should winning have in soccer?
  • How does team culture effect Self 1 and 2?


  • What does your Self 1 tell your Self 2 when you are not playing well?
  • Why do you think your Self 1 takes this approach?
  • What type of player are you using the authors categories
  • How does this book impact the different aspects of coaching
    1. Technical
    2. Tactical
    3. Fitness
    4. Engagement
    5. Team work
  • Why is this a good book for players to read?


  • Why is this a good book for coaches to read?
  • How does the idea of teaching through the eyes and not the ears effect your approach to coaching?
  • Would the author argue we teach a skill through the ears or the eyes and why?
  • What do you do if you cannot demonstrate the proper technique?
  • How does a kid's life off the field effect his relationship between Self 1 and 2?

Living Life

  • What is the object of playing soccer versus the object of the game of soccer?
    1. What does this book teach us about joy? page 95
    2. How does one's religion effect how you understand this book?
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