Adventurer's Guild Initiation

This an adventure log for the Middle Kingdom Campaign.

Session: 1 January 2021

Varis (Sam), Shmoo (Bryan) and Keldee (NPC) met at the Adventurers guild in Pasont. This was Varis and Shmoo's first adventure and was therefore a test to see if they had what it takes to join the guild. 

The adventurers were brought to a room and were given their mission brief by a female dwarf named Takarva. She explained to them that the towns of Ryn, Etholur and Deltholur had gotten together and contracted with the guild to deal with a problem they had been having over the previous half year. The first event of note took place about three months ago when an aviary was broken into an several owls were stolen. This was just to the east of Etholur. Then a few weeks later a carpenter in Ryn had his shop broken into and yet nothing was stolen. And then about a month ago after several animal thefts from farms in the vicinity of Deltholur the mayor of Detholur organized the militia and they conducted a search to the west of the town by the mountains for what they suspected to be kobald "cattle rustlers". One of the patrols of ten men vanished and another was ambushed with only two men escaping. Those two men fled and claimed to have heard the kobalds speaking elvish. 

The Takarva directed the party to investigate what happened and deal with it if they can. It was also completely acceptable for the party to determine that the threat was too great and come back with important information and hand it off to a more senior and capable team. The party will earn a total of 200 GP for the adventure with 50 up front to defray the costs. They were also given a rod of resurrection and a book of far speech.

After asking a few clarifying questions the party departed. They went to a local tavern and shared dinner and put a plan together for their adventure. They spent the night in their separate inns and met for breakfast and then went down to the ferry and departed for Sehker. 

The ferry ride was without incident. There was a woman in a red cape of note with a servant and the ferry passed a religious shrine that meant nothing to Varis and Shmoo. After getting to Sehker the party pondered getting horses, but the price was steep enough they decided to walk. It was a fine early spring day and the road was good. They passed a caravan of six wagons and wood elves coming from the opposite direction heading to Pasont. They passed without incident and the party continued towards Bettle making good time. 

In Bettle the decided to eat and stay at the Drunken Dragon based on the advice of one of the two gate guards. while there the only thing of note that happened was that there was a Dragonborn also eating at the tavern. His presence made a bit of a stir, but nothing came of it. The next day the party set off for Eholur to meet the mayor. 

With another good day of weather the party made good time along the road to Etholur. The only particular thing of note took place just west of Ryn during their travels. Shmoo believes he saw "the" Dragonborn before the party, but then lost site of him. Around the same time there was a larger than a bird flying creature far above and beyond the ability of the party to truly identify. Without incident, the party passed by Ryn and arrived at Etholur.