In this task we are building the information architecture on WaTech has migrated the pages over and now they need us to place the pages in the proper position in the menu. 

Key references:

Task Steps 

  1. Start with Services.
  2. Look on latest IA tab on the DES IA spreadsheet
  3. Find a section under Services that has not been done (cell is white)
  4. Find this on by searching the site and finding a name that closely matches it and appears to have the matching children
  5. Copy the partial url and search dev.des-des on the admin content page by pasting the partial url in the "Migrated From URL" field and searching
  6. Find that page that closely matches the content
  7. Rename the page title to match IA. As an example, Surplus becomes Dispose of Surplus
  8. Place it in the menu where the IA says and save
  9. Color code the cell on the spreadsheet green
  10. Move on to next page

What Ifs

If you cannot find a page and it appears not to exist on the new site create a basic page, title it in accordance with the IA, in the body field say "Needs content" and then place it in the menu. Then mark the spreadsheet cell blue.

If you take an action that you are unsure of like placing a page in the IA and you are not certain that it should be there mark that cell yellow.


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