Chebeague Week 2024

This is a working draft so please provide feedback.

As of 10 June 2024 10:00 am EST


Chebeague week will happen the week of 15 June to 22 June. The West Coast Hales kids and Quin will fly in at various times late on 15 June. We will have a full family gathering in Lincoln on Monday 16 June. The the Lincoln and West Coast Hales will head up to Chebeague on 17 June. The Natick Hales will head up at a date to be determined. The Canton Hales are unable to attend. All will return no later than 20 June. We will look for a family brunch on 22 June prior to the West Coast Hales leaving in the afternoon.  

Chebeague Attendees

  • Grandmother
  • Chris
  • Michele
  • Corey
  • Ashley
  • Sam
  • David
  • Kate
  • Quin 
  • Bryan


Date Event Comment
15 June David Kate, Quin, Bryan Arrive David arrives from SFO at 6:59 PM Alaska 356. Sam and grandmother will pick up. Kate, Quin, and Bryan arrive 11:59 PM Alaska 460. Sam and David will pick up. 

16 June


Family Gathering Lincoln Whole family will gather in Lincoln with no fixed time. We will swim, eat, drink, talk and more talk. We will also celebrate David's birthday that had just happened on 7 June. This will include an ice cream cake and singing happy birthday. 
17 June Lincoln and West Coast Hales head to Chebeague Taking two cards they will leave Lincoln by 8:30 with the intent of making the 11am bus to the ferry.
17-20 June At Chebeague Family at Chebeague 
17-19 June Dylon's Cart Grandmother has rented a cart from Dylon during this period
TBD Natick Hales Chebeague I will update these dates once they are set
20 June Depart Chebeague We will likely depart on the 10am or 12pm ferry getting us back in Lincoln between 2-4pm
20 June Dinner at Canton Hales The Lincoln, Canton, and Natick Hales will have dinner at a time to be determined at the Canton Hales house
21 June Open Day This is a rare day that Emily is free so we will see what she would like to do. 
22 June Family brunch 12-2 We will do a family brunch for those who can attend.
22 June West coast Hales depart Kate, Quin, and Bryan depart at 5:30pm Alaska 364 and David departs at 6:30pm Alaska 357. We will stop by MaMagoos on the way to the airport. 


10 Day Forecast Chebeague

chebeague 10 day

10 Day Forecast Lincoln

Lincoln 10 weather forecast

Family Gathering in Lincoln and David's Birthday

We (West coast, Natick, Canton, and Lincoln Hales) will gather in Lincoln to celebrate the family and David's birthday on 16 June. The pool will be open and the weather at this point supports swimming for those brave enough to confront the cold water. We will have a mint chocolate ice cream cake and will order BBQ from Blue Ribbon in Arlington. Some of the food we will order is pulled pork, brisket, ribs, green beans, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and corn bread. We will also ensure there are chicken and veggie options available.  

The gathering will "start" at 1pm and go until people leave. We will have our dinner and cake late afternoon and early evening. There are no hard times surrounding this event. Come when you can make it. 

Menu at Chebeague

Date - Meal Main Dish Lead Chef Groceries
17 June Lunch Sandwiches Individual Sam
17 June Dinner Grilled Chicken pita sandwiches Sam Sam
18 June Breakfast Individual selection Individual Sam
18 June Lunch Sandwiches Individual Sam
18 June Dinner

Grilled chicken fajitas

Sam Sam
19 June Breakfast Fritatta (vegi), Fruit, Croissant, coffee cake 2 Birds POC Sam
19 June Lunch Sandwiches Individual Sam
19 June Dinner Burgers and Sausages (Turkey and Pork) Sam Sam
20 June Breakfast Individual selection Individual



We will have a variety of pitas, wraps, bread, and glutton free options with cold cuts, peanut butter and jelly, chicken salad and other similar options. There will also be chips and people will have options to get sandwiches from the Island Market as they wish. These lunches will not be formal sit down family lunches, but as people get hungry they can eat. 

Grilled Chicken Pita Sandwiches

These sandwiches are served in pita bread consisting of hot cut up grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, feta, lemon, cilantro, cucumbers, with either tzaziki or hummus. We will have pasta salad as a side. We will ensure to make enough pasta salad to have left overs for future lunches. Desert will be ice cream and fruit. The left over chicken will be made into chicken salad for lunches. 


Breakfast is all on people's own with options consisting of cereal, oatmeal, toast, yogurt, fruit, home fries, hashbrown, sausage, bacon, and frozen sausage sandwiches.

Burgers and Sausages

This is the traditional American burgers and sausages for the family. Grilled Bubba burgers (and an alt non-meat) and grilled pork and turkey sausages. We will have corn on the cob, potato or macaroni salad, and salad.  

2 Birds

2 Birds cafe will cater our breakfast on the morning of 19 June. Sam will pick up the food from the 2 Birds around 10am. Sam will go pick up the food that morning. It will consist of one fritatta(veggie), fruit, coffee cake, and croissants. 

Chicken Fajitas

We will have grilled chicken fajitas with Mexican rice and refried beans.

Food Safety

Currently the only dietary considerations are having gluten free options and low meat/veggie options. Additionally, we will try and generally have a healthy meals.


Families should bring the adult beverages they desire. Please bring quantity enough for a little sharing. 

There is already some soda up there and we can get more from the Island store. The island store will be open. There are also several little boxes of Chrystal light.


Cookies, chips, veggies, pretzels, and such. We will also have pub cheese, hummus, and dip like snacks. Popcorn will also be available with a variety of flavored salt.

Sleeping Plan

Natick Hales have the second floor. Grandmother in her bed room. Kate and Quin in the bunkhouse. Sam, David, and Bryan in a tent. Please no sleeping on the couches in the main living room as it significantly impacts the ability of people to get up early and chat while drinking coffee and tea.  

Transportation Plan


Lincoln Hales will go up in Sam's truck and grandmother's car. Natick Hales will transport themselves.

Ferry Tickets

Grandmother will purchase ferry tickets for the family. She will provide Chris and Sam with images of those purchased tickets which they and their families will be able to use. 

Random Tasks

Golf Cart

Grandmother has already coordinated with Dylan for a golf cart. She and whoever will be the primary driver of it will pick up the golf cart on 17 June when we arrive and will return it on 19 June. Driver of the golf cart must be 21 or older.


As the season has been wet, water is not a major concern at this point on the island or for the house. With that said, we want to take brief showers and will possibly set up the outdoor shower. 


We will have plenty of spray to help keeps the ticks off. 



Sam will purchase the groceries.

Items Confirmed at the House

  • 6 sleeping pads
  • 8 extra pillows
  • 1 youth sleeping bag
  • 2 adult sleeping bags
  • 3 lobster blankets
  • 2 warm fuzzy blankets
  • 1 twin air mattress with pump
  • 2 queen air mattress with built in pump

Things to Bring From Home

  • Cooler

External Events Impacting our Event

Currently none that we are aware of.