Drupal Overview Training

Please watch and follow along with the video below. This man provides lots of great Drupal training videos on the internet and I have subscribed for years to OSTraining.com. 

He does a really nice job of overviewing Drupal. Do not worry about being overwhelmed. He is giving you a great deal of context and also a lot of ideas and terminology. The purpose of this training is so that when you and I go into specific training on the tasks you will do you will have this general context. There is NO WAY you can get it all or even fathom everything that he is telling you. Don't worry, it will all become clear over the months and years we work on Drupal together. 

Additionally, he is teaching this overview as if you were going to go out and stand-up your own Drupal site. As part of AoL you are possibly years away from doing that, so don't stress about how this is done. Follow along, because one day you may want to use Drupal to stand-up your own site.

For our training you will use our dev site which already exists. Go to our dev site and log in with your username (first name, last initial and the password I email you). The hosting company we use is Pantheon. Pantheon provides us with a development environment, testing environment and the live environment. For your training we will work in the dev environment. We will learn more about this later.  

When you watch this video please keep the following in mind as you go through:

  1. Video time: 19:42-Acquia. In this section he goes over installing a site on Acquia (a hosting service we do not use) and on your own server which we do not do. Skip these sections and go to time 29:49 Planning Explained.
  2. Time 29:49 Planning. You will not need to do this for months and months and maybe never as part of AoL. With that said, this puts your actions within the context of the overall process. Additionally, one day you may do this yourself when you build your own website. 
  3. Time 37:58. Log-in. Go to https://dev-samhales.pantheonsite.io/user/login . Enter your first name and first letter of last name all one word and all lower case. I will email you the password. Please make sure you go in and change this generic password when you first log in. As you go through his training on the admin toolbar please click along with him. Remember, this is my dev site so what you do will impact the live site. Play around with this site however you want. When done let me know and I will overwrite dev with live and all that you have done will go away. Nothing you do here will impact the live site. 
  4. Time 51:30 turn on Media module. Follow along, but the Media and Media Library modules are already turned on on our site so now action required.
  5. Time 53:38 do NOT install a module "the manual" way. Watch what he does but do not take that action on the website. We use Composer to install and remove modules and we will talk about this later.

Great job getting through the video. Remember, this is an overview video and we will go into detail together the tasks that you will work on. Feel free to email me any questions that you have from this training. Now it is time to go back to the main training page and keep training.